So, here's a rough walk cycle I've been working on. It's not done, so I'll post again when I'm further along.


Dear Lord.....

I drew a Furry
It was an accident, i swear! I sincerely apologize.


more stuff

So, i really need to start scanning more stuff. also, i need to start coloring more stuff. there's a lot i need to be doing, i guess.


Here's some stuff for you to see. I'm starting to lose track of what i've posted and what i haven't....


I was told this is the best drawing I've done so far. Made me feel good. I need to clean it up, though. i'll post it up when i get it finished.


Portfolio Girls

It's been a while, so I'm going to post a lot. This is mostly just a bunch of sketches i never got around to scanning. I'm putting these in my portfolio, along with some other stuff i've already posted here.

Oh, and here's some more finished stuff! Well, the line art one isn't finished, but it is inked, so it counts, right? The bottom one is some fanart of Katie Rice and Luke Cormican's Skadi. Go there on Wednesday and check out one of the best comics on the site!!! (i might actually go back into the Skadi one later and add some shadows. Unfortunately, i screwed up the layers on the photoshop file, so it's a little bit of a bitch to color.)



Jungle Girl

She's having some problems controlling her pet thing. It's suprisingly strong for a little squiggly.

I'll probably bring this one to a finish, because i like how it turned out. Any suggestions before i start doing ink in Illustrator???



So, what do you think?? I think she's hawt! Plus, I kept it as tasteful as I could by not detailing any naughty bits.


Sexy sketches time

...and now i'm sure you're going to say something sexy as well. Something like, "Is that it??". But I know what you're trying to say. You're trying to say, "Oh yeah, that's it!". And you tell me you want some more. Well, I'm not suprised...

But I am quite sleepy....



So, I found pin-up art from Gil Elvgren, and that it's great stuff! so, I found one and decided to steal the pose and do my own.

Here's the one I chose to copy.
And here's what I came up with.
I really like how this turned out. I just used a generic, phallic image for her to be proped up on becasue I didn't feel like drawing the bear rug.

Now, if I were only doing the work for my animation class....



This one was pretty quick. and the line work is a bit sloppy. but, i like it.


As Promised

Here is some of the work from my Character Design I class I took:

My first 5-point turn.

My first 3-point head turn

And now, some random emotions. Can you guess what they are?!?! If you can, I'm impressed! Because I can't tell what some of them are.

This one has more than emotions in it. Hrm... Maybe they're out of order a little???

Ok, that's it for emotions.


And, that's about it for this girl. I really enjoyed this first class at the Animation Academy. The next session starts July 7th, and i'm really excited! I'll be taking Character Design II.

I really feel like i've improved a lot in this 6 weeks. I've been drawing so much, and also i've done some personal stuff that's not quite finished yet. As soon as it is, i'll post that, too.

So, let me know what you think!