Portfolio Girls

It's been a while, so I'm going to post a lot. This is mostly just a bunch of sketches i never got around to scanning. I'm putting these in my portfolio, along with some other stuff i've already posted here.

Oh, and here's some more finished stuff! Well, the line art one isn't finished, but it is inked, so it counts, right? The bottom one is some fanart of Katie Rice and Luke Cormican's Skadi. Go there on Wednesday and check out one of the best comics on the site!!! (i might actually go back into the Skadi one later and add some shadows. Unfortunately, i screwed up the layers on the photoshop file, so it's a little bit of a bitch to color.)



michelle said...

Glad to see you are getting your stuff together! Having a few sketches wouldn't be bad, but I think the bulk should be finished pieces. I don't know about including fan art either, maybe other people can chime in on that. I do really like that piece though, I'd love to see you use some of the things you did there with your own characters, like combining the monsters and girls and giving and indication of setting. Just adding little elements like that gives the characters more of a story and feels much more complete.
So what area of illustration are you shooting for? Animation?

John Scroggins said...

You've made a LOT of progress in the last few months! Keep it up! I can't really write much more than that without getting too wordy.. However, if you're interested in a lengthy critique, let me know.

Shobo said...

I leave for a bit and the whole place has changed.

I like the line work and finish on Jungle Girl, I think it's a lot stronger than in the second image (the one with Jungle girl trampling the birdies head).

I think there's some great progress here and I think the possibilities for a Jungle Girls strip are interesting :)