So, what do you think?? I think she's hawt! Plus, I kept it as tasteful as I could by not detailing any naughty bits.


michelle said...

Colors and line work are looking good, I like the hands too.
Nipples still scare me though, she might want to get those checked out and make sure they aren't infected and full of pus, or spider eggs.

Evan said...

Thanks, Michelle. All except for the nipples part. you completely ruined the sexiness of this drawing for me. All i can think of now is puss and spiders.

wes said...

Agreed, love the linework and color look really nice.

I think you should try and explore lots of different types of nipples for michelle. Post all nipple practices here and we'll see which ones don't scare her. =D

Artsy Boramy! said...

I love the nipple comments! I personally don't mind them because they're just stylized. I wouldn't prefer them if they were real though O_O. It'd be a turn off for me! hahaha

But on a serious note, you seriously improved so much since you started attending that animation academy, Evan Sir! I need to start going...once I'm not broke anymore! lol.

And btw, I'm gonna be more active on Blogspot! Yay!!!

vageena said...

i think she looks great!

... the nipples remind me of a hershey's kiss!