So, what do you think?? I think she's hawt! Plus, I kept it as tasteful as I could by not detailing any naughty bits.


Sexy sketches time

...and now i'm sure you're going to say something sexy as well. Something like, "Is that it??". But I know what you're trying to say. You're trying to say, "Oh yeah, that's it!". And you tell me you want some more. Well, I'm not suprised...

But I am quite sleepy....



So, I found pin-up art from Gil Elvgren, and that it's great stuff! so, I found one and decided to steal the pose and do my own.

Here's the one I chose to copy.
And here's what I came up with.
I really like how this turned out. I just used a generic, phallic image for her to be proped up on becasue I didn't feel like drawing the bear rug.

Now, if I were only doing the work for my animation class....