As Promised

Here is some of the work from my Character Design I class I took:

My first 5-point turn.

My first 3-point head turn

And now, some random emotions. Can you guess what they are?!?! If you can, I'm impressed! Because I can't tell what some of them are.

This one has more than emotions in it. Hrm... Maybe they're out of order a little???

Ok, that's it for emotions.


And, that's about it for this girl. I really enjoyed this first class at the Animation Academy. The next session starts July 7th, and i'm really excited! I'll be taking Character Design II.

I really feel like i've improved a lot in this 6 weeks. I've been drawing so much, and also i've done some personal stuff that's not quite finished yet. As soon as it is, i'll post that, too.

So, let me know what you think!


michelle said...

So what/where is this class you speak of?

michelle said...

These look great! You've improved a lot, I'm really glad that you are drawing again.

Evan said...

Me too! I've actually noticed myself getting better in the past 6 weeks! But, i think, since i have drawn so little in the past few years, this is actually me catching up to where i *SHOULD* be. But, either way, it's about time.

Thank's a lot!

David Furnal said...

Your stuff came out well, man! I don't remember seeing all of these in class. I LOVE the angry face one too. Gonna have to kick it up on Tuesday. We'll keep the girl-drawing alive!

Evan said...

totally, dude! someone's gotta rock the sexy up in there! Might as well be us. in drawing and IRL.

but, the problem is that we have to draw guys for the first assignment. *Gross*

David Furnal said...

Let's just draw guys....that LOOK like women! Dude looks like a lady!

Emily said...

I just realized how rarely I ever saw your work right side up! I was always looking at it across the table. Why didn't we do group critiques in that class? I never thought about it before. Anyways, she ended up pretty awesome, I wish I could see her animated - I feel like she'd be CRAAAZY